The NEXT Revolution In Trucking Is Here.

NEXT enables today’s shippers and carriers to save time and earn more money—faster.

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The NEXT Revolution In Trucking Is Here.

NEXT puts the power of tech-enabled logistics in the palm of your hand, bringing more speed and efficiency to every part of the supply chain through an easy-to-use app.


Find drivers, when and where you need them with clear communications, real-time tracking, and reduced fees and penalties.

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Owner Operators

Free, immediate access to guaranteed quality loads, on your preferred routes, with the flexibility to make your own schedule.

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Fleet Dispatchers

Manage loads and shipments, assign carriers, and track progress and protocol –more efficiently than ever before.

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Optimized Shipping

More of every hour and dollar gets utilized with NEXT, as we combine our resources with yours to quickly meet demand and grow capacity.

Proven Efficiency

Get matched to shippers or carriers instantly and accelerate your supply chain with paperless processing and lightning-fast booking.

Smart Technology

Utilize our app and proprietary technology to meet demand and streamline operations to maximize profit and grow your business.

True Partnership

We offer our partners a full-service experience, leveraging our expertise in logistics and technology to provide the tools and ongoing support our clients need to competitively deliver.

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Whether you’re a shipper, an owner operator, or a fleet manager, the NEXT Trucking app is here to simplify your life, streamline your work, and increase your opportunities.

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