The NEXT Revolution In Trucking Is Here.

NEXT enables shippers and carriers to save time and earn more money—faster.

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The NEXT Revolution In Trucking Is Here.

NEXT makes freight easy for shippers, carriers and independent Owner Operators.


Find drivers with clear communications, real-time tracking, and reduced fees and penalties.

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Owner Operators

Get immediate access to the loads you want that fit your schedule.

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Fleet Dispatchers

Manage loads, assign carriers, and track progress more efficiently than ever before.

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Full-Speed Shipping

24/7 access to thousands of qualified carriers to help you avoid fees and delays.

Proven Efficiency

Real-time tracking + proactive communication = less time worrying about your shipments and more time growing your business.

Smart Technology

Our technology was created to make your job easier, streamline your operations, and help grow your business.

True Partnership

As we grow, our customers grow. We develop our technology to create efficiency and ensure that customer feedback drives improvements.

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